Ivory Coast

With Yamoussoukro as its capital city, the Republic of Ivory Coast is a country located on the coast of West Africa. Its official language is French, however, there are over 70 different languages spoken in the country.

It has a tropical climate varying from 20°C and 30°C with rainy and dry seasons throughout the year. Its plants and animal lives are very varied and its Tai National Park has been recognized as one of the UNESCO World Heritage. There are more than 60 ethnic groups in Ivory coast with particular cultural tradition according to different regions of the country. It is among one of the world leading exporter of Cocoa and agriculture is widely practiced in the country.

It has an interesting culture ranging from talented music practice, traditional arts to majestic rhythm of drums etc. Furthermore, Football is an important sport in the country and a source of joy among people.
While in there, you can visit different national parks, museums, cathedrals, beaches, waterfalls etc. You can go hiking, fishing, go on a city or bike tour and do not forget to discover its amazing nightlife. In addition, you cannot miss his amazing local cuisine and you are advised to try out attiéké, alloco and many more.

You will be able to explore rural and public hospitals of the country and at the same time learn about the healthcare system of the location.