AdventurousMedics is here to make you explore the African Continent while travelling for a professional trip. You cannot miss the sumptuousness of the culture of this beautiful eastern African country. It is bordered by the Indian Ocean and eight countries which makes it a perfect place for holiday and discoveries.

The Republic of Tanzania is well-known for his wildlife beauty and it is home to some of the most famous national parks in Africa where a lot of tourists enjoy going for safaris. Swahili and English are widely spoken in Tanzania and are known to be the official languages. Tanzanians are naturally friendly and welcoming.

There are many locations to explore starting from the highest point of Africa which is known as the Mount Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti National Park, the Lake Manyara National Park and many other national parks, Masai villages, the Zanzibar island, the Mafia island, the Pemba Island, the Stone Town to the Lake Victoria etc.

With over 120 ethnic groups, the country has a variety of cultural practices by geographical region. Its cuisine is exotic and you cannot miss to taste the famous ugali (maize porridge) with many other kinds of delicious savor of the Tanzanian cuisine.

You will be able to explore rural and public hospitals of the country and at the same time learn about the healthcare system of the location.


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